Message from CEOWe seek to change the world through the
practice of co-operation and co-prosperity.

I believe in the power of co-operation and co-prosperity. Each individual person can work side by side, rather than competing with one another. This way has unlimited potential of producing excellent outcomes that could not be achieved through the efforts of a solitary worker.

The idea of co-operation and co-prosperity may sound over-optimistic in a world where might rules and the winner takes all. However, I believe that the principle of co-operation and co-prosperity is ruthlessly pragmatic. Without their intrinsic strength and relentless effort, companies would fall by the wayside. Genuinely excellent products gain public recognition and everyone has a chance to take on new challenges – this is the world realized through co-operation and co-prosperity, in contrast with a world where a single winner dominates.

I have come up with this notion through my 20-year experience of developing new businesses in major food service corporations both in China and Japan. In those fields, the powerful generally gained an advantage over the powerless, making use of them, rather than working together.

Both groups were busy chasing profits for themselves, not even trying to understand each other…. I witnessed time and time again that many companies entered into a franchising contract or a business alliance, turning a blind eye to the seeds of discord, and eventually fractured.

In Japan, we have a tradition of cultivating respect and compassion among communities. However, once becoming involved in business competitions, we tend to forget our nature and try to follow business conventions derived from western practices.

Those growing up in Japan have their own distinctive character. Japan, as an island country, has its own way of operating business based on its cultural climate, which is different from cultures and traditions thriving in continents. I have rediscovered that the unparalleled value of Japan continues to attract people from across the world.

The way of co-operation and co-prosperity cultivates a human relationship where everyone is supportive of each other, fostering mutual trust. It is not an unattainable goal, but the dawn of a new world where each individual person thrives and all the members unite as one.

A Chinese business maxim states, “When a spring breeze blows, tens of millions of flowers bloom overnight.” It means that a good business can readily transform the whole world.

As this maxim suggests, each competitive individual’s potential will flourish and multiply, if all the players work together on the basis of mutual trust, with INSYNC serving as a bridge.

Using our platform, embodying the principle of co-operation and co-prosperity, we will change the world.

Yu Yamamoto

CEO and President

Yu Yamamoto was born in Aichi prefecture, Japan. In 2011, when he was 28, Yamamoto moved to China and started working on opening and managing restaurants at a food service company in Shanghai. In 2013, after joining a large Shanghai-based food service company, which boasted over 6000 employees, Yamamoto undertook multiple new projects as the only Japanese staff member and the division leader. The projects included launching various restaurant districts in major commercial complexes and promoting Japanese food brands including spotlighting Michelin-starred restaurants. In 2020, Yamamoto founded INSYNC with the aim of eliminating the discord that he had noticed while working in his position as a Japanese businessman in the Chinese food industry.