INSYNC strives for a world where all who create value can be rewarded and everyone can pursue their dreams, neither consuming value someone else created nor allowing only already well-received brands the chance to grow. Our GENU model enables every brand to continue to refine itself in an ever-expanding market economy.

GENU helps revitalize economies in both China and
Japan and enables each player to enjoy profits

The industry is always
looking for fresh ideas

Food delivery market in China

  • World’s largest food service market
  • Fast, fluid trend of consumption

Losing interest in
current eating options

Existing alternative services

  • Expensive system costs
  • Complicated operation
  • Reviewing product prices and menus
  • Within a 3-km marketing area
  • Additional cost required
Sustainable revitalization
Japan Brands -> China Retailers, Delivery service providers, Consumers


China has been struggling to satisfy growing market needs in terms of variety and quality of delivery cuisine. While in Japan with its limited area, as the heart of hospitality has taken root in people, they work hard to create a wide variety of quality recipes. It is said that the Chinese marketplace is extremely hard to enter, however, it has affinities with the Japanese market as well as being close neighbors.

The two countries can work hand in hand bearing in mind the spirit of co-operation and co-prosperity, without fighting to secure profits. Japan can lead the way in building mutual trust, and serve as a beacon that enlightens the future world where a sharing economy would replace an ownership economy.