We have adopted an unprecedented style of business operation, which is different from conventional ways, such as setting up a franchise system or establishing a joint venture. With this unique operation, we will provide profitable solutions to each market.

How is it different from the status-quo?

The GENU model is built on the principle of co-operation and co-prosperity. In the food service industry, recipe providers and retailers don’t negotiate on equal footing under conventional business operations. The recipe provider-retailer relationship sometimes even breaks up due to such unequal terms. Our GENU system, which embodies “co-operation and co-prosperity,” enables the fair gain of profits according to investment through balanced mutual co-operation. Selling top-quality products in their best condition and making profits – we have confirmed this is the common goal of all players and built up trust between them to operate brands by combining the advantages of each.

Co-operation and Co-prosperity - Working together and gaining profits for all.

Operational model

In the GENU model, users do not need any investment in factories or equipment. The recipes are developed by Japanese food brands, the dishes are crafted according to the recipes in China through the following process: ingredients of the dishes are semi-prepared in Chinese factories, the semi-processed ingredients are brought in at member restaurants to be finished and delivered to consumers using the existing food delivery system. By making use of existing infrastructure and facilities as well as professional skills in each step, we have perfected this 3,000-km relay-like operation.

Value-added products / Semi-prepared in Chinese factories / Selling in existing restaurants / Continuing to refine at appropriate facilities