We at INSYNC have launched GENU, a food delivery business in China. We are committed to offering authentic flavors produced by top-quality Japanese food brands through our new co-operative business model, which is far from a conventional franchise system.

The business model that satisfies the enormous appetite of the Chinese market is finally taking shape

In the Chinese market, our food delivery business GENU has finally been launched. For delivery app users in China, whose number is surpassing 460 million, GENU helps provide authentic Japanese cuisine produced by Japanese restaurant brands. A wide range of recipes are developed in Japan while dishes are finished according to the recipes at certified restaurants locally in China. Fresh premium dishes will fulfill people’s heart and appetite.


About our service

We re-evaluate each brand value by discerning the essence of each food brand and redefine its value to manage international promotion. We provide wide-ranging support, such as filing trademark applications in China on behalf of clients, enhancing each brand’s recognition and achieving business results outside Japan.

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